• Climate controlled 12 lane range
• Motorize target leave/return control
• Rates by the hour or by the day
• Group Discounts available
• Full range & gun supplies on-site
• CCW classes weekly
• Rental guns available for shooting
• Tactical Training


• Climate controlled training room
• Clean restroom facilities
• Support for multi-day events
• Rates by the hour or by the day
• Firearm training props available


The Pulse O2DA Defense Academy is the starting point for all of our training courses and programs and is where you will go to review techniques, study strategy and learn tactics.

Our objective is to provide you with the training and resources necessary to win the fight of your life.

Individuals will learn how to defend in home and on the street: Basic weapon fundamentals for handgun, shotgun and rifle; like stance and grip, loading and unloading, draw, malfunction clearances, etc. The strategy and tactics necessary to dominate a lethal force confrontation.The confidence to defend yourself, your family, your business and your community.

Teams will learn how to defend business, school and church: Movement techniques like basic formations, micro-team dynamics and force multipliers. How to do a threat evaluation, asset evaluation and vulnerability assessment. Preparing the Mission Essential Task List. Immediate action drills, battle drills. wargaming and conducting rehearsals.

Learn how to defend neighborhood and community: Leadership and planning including command, control and communications. How to do an area study, evaluate external factors and create contingency plans. Tactical principles and skills for community defense. Supplemental roles like medicine, land navigation, field craft, etc.

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