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Defensive Shooting Skills

Course Description: 

It introduces the key concepts needed to transition from a marksman to a defensively minded shooter. Designed for the new shooter that has just received their CCL and is ready for the next step, or any new handgun owner that wants to take the first steps on how to operate and manipulate their firearm safely and proficiently.

This is a shooting class!

Required Materials:
  • CCW firearm
  • Holster
  • At least 200 rounds of ammo.
  • 2 magazines. (the more you have the more rounds you will shoot.)
  • Magazine holster
  • Electronic hearing protection is preferred.
  • Snap Caps
  • A secondary firearm (IF YOU HAVE ONE, do not buy one for this class.)
  • *Instructor has a few holsters and snapcaps, however they might not fit your firearm, and having your own will make future practice easier.

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Course Length

4 hours


We can schedule a private class for groups of 5 or more!

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