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Course Description: 

This course takes you out of the classroom and into the action! We have put together six real world scenarios and built them into a 4-hour class.

$124.95 per person. Includes A package of non-lethal tools to include Pepper Spray, stun gun and Tactical Pen (55.00-dollar value)!!

If you have medical issue that may prevent you from doing certain portions of the class, you must inform an Instructor so they may work with you depending on the situation.

Wear Long Pants: Blue jeans or cargo pants are recommended
Wear Closed-Toe Shoes: Boots or tennis shoes are recommended
Wear Crew-Neck Shirts: Avoid low-cut tops or V-neck shirts
Handgun: Serviceable. 380 or above preferred but not required (rentals are available in the store)

Note: Please bring Proof of Purchase to the class (paper receipt or electronic copy required)

Course Info



Course Goal

To provide students with the most realistic training possible in order to give them the confidence; combat mind-set; tactics and skills to defeat threats in a multitude of scenarios.


Course Length

This is a 4-hour course


Lesson Topics

Lesson 1 – Live fire from various positions with the use of cover and concealment

Lesson 2 – Room/Home clearing tactics and techniques

Lesson 3 – Hand to hand techniques against armed and unarmed threats; purse snatch for females

Lesson 4 – Use of non-lethal ammunition and weapons

Lesson 5 – Culminating this event you will use all the above techniques against real people (instructors). Each student will encounter a different scenario.