Course Description: 

Develop and test your information processing and decision-making abilities while applying hard skills using dry fire, live fire, and guided-scenario scenarios and drills. Build your emotional control and test the automaticity of your fine motor skills programs while negotiating this thought-provoking and stress-inducing coursework.

what to bring
  • Round Count: 100 rounds
  • CCW Handgun
  • Holster
  • 2 or more magazines/speed loaders/moon clips
  • Magazine pouch
  • Electronic hearing protection is preferred.
  • A secondary firearm (IF YOU HAVE ONE, do not buy one for this class.)
  • Loaner firearms, magazines, holsters, belts, and magazine pouches are available upon request, contact the instructor in advance if you need to borrow equipment. (563)277-3227 or

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Defensive Shooting Skills: Handgun Presentation and Defensive Marksmanship Basics, or Defensive Shooting Skills: Concealed Carry Revolver Basics, or equivalent coursework (contact the instructor if you have questions). 


We can schedule a private class for groups of 5 or more!

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