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Defensive Shooting Skills Series

Course Description: 

Gunfight analysis and statistical data help us prioritize a set of motor functions that are most likely to be needed by civilian firearms carriers when a situation goes to guns. 
Providing concealed carriers in the Quad Cities with relevant, evidence-based training was the driving force behind the creation of Defensive Shooting Skills: Handgun Presentation and Defensive Marksmanship Basics.

This dense 4 hour block of instruction will be an introduction to:

  • A smooth, reliable draw stroke from a belt or waistband mounted holster
  • Multiple shot strings into target areas representing the anatomically significant area of the high center chest at likely defensive distances
  • Precision shots for small or distant targets
  • Dealing with multiple threats
  • Movement associated with avoiding no-shoot targets and making use of cover or concealment
  • Tactical anatomy
  • Identifying relevant performance-based shooting drills, tests, and standards 
  • Decision and information processing drills and tests

Clients will leave with the informational tools to engage in deliberate practice to help keep motor skills and mental maps refreshed and recent.

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Concealed carry/basic pistol safety training. Students need to have a working knowledge of firearms safety, and the function of their chosen handgun.


We can schedule a private class for groups of 5 or more!

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what to bring
  • Round Count: 100-150 rounds
  • Semi-Auto handgun (revolver carriers, check out Defensive Shooting Skills: Concealed Carry Revolver Basics) Semi-Auto handgun (revolver carriers, check out Defensive Shooting Skills: Concealed Carry Revolver Basics)
  • Holster
  • 2 or more magazines
  • Magazine pouch
  • Electronic hearing protection is preferred.
  • A secondary firearm (IF YOU HAVE ONE, do not buy one for this class.)
  • Loaner firearms, magazines, holsters, belts, and magazine pouches are available upon request, contact the instructor in advance if you need to borrow equipment. (563)277-3227 or