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Essential CCW Skills Module 2

Course Description

Responsible and effective concealed carriers need skills beyond the gun, and the ability to make rapid, correct decisions in ambiguous scenarios with unclear goals. This course introduces the concealed carrier to methods for managing ambiguous scenarios using verbal agility, verbal commands, de-escalation, escape and evasion, as well as low light considerations, use of force considerations, OC/pepper spray use, basic field trauma care, the 911 call and interacting with the police/investigators, and the course culminates in participation in Image Based Decisional Drills developed by Brian and Shelly Hill of the Complete Combatant.  

What To Bring

Note: Everything you need for the class is for sale or rent at Davenport Guns, but you may bring the following items if you have them.  

  • Handgun
  • Holster and gun belt (loaner gear is available if you notify the instructor at least 7 days in advance)
  • 50 rounds of ammunition
  • Safe range attire (closed-toed shoes, crew neck shirts, ball cap or visor to deflect hot brass away from the face)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Your everyday carry flashlight

Course Info




Course Length

5 Hours


Lesson Topics

Lesson 1 – Moral, ethical, legal use of force concepts 

Lesson 2 – Situational awareness concepts and considerations 

Lesson 3 – De-escalation, escape and evasion 

Lesson 4 – Verbal agility/verbal commands 

Lesson 5 Selecting the right flashlight/Low-light considerations 

Lesson 6 – Making the 911 call/interacting with the authorities 

Lesson 7 – OC/Pepper spray use 

Lesson 8 –Tourniquet/direct pressure/pressure dressings to stop bleeding 

Lesson 9 – Hands-on Dry-fire/laser assisted and live-fire Image Based Decisional Drills


Private class can be arranged for groups of 5 or more. 

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