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Course Description: 

This course exposes students to several schools of thought regarding defensive handgun shooting techniques. This course is designed for beginning and intermediate handgun shooters. Unlike other basic handgun shooting courses that traditionally focus on handgun marksmanship skills, this course is designed to develop a student’s self-defense handgun shooting skills from a position of cover within their home. This is a non-drawing course, students will NOT be drawing a loaded firearm from a holster during this course. Students will learn to shoot and reload a handgun effectively from the high and low ready positions.

Note: Please bring proof of purchase with you to the class.

Classes must be purchased individually for each student, as certificates of completion will be issued in each person’s name. When more than one student will be attending please purchase each class in a separate transaction.

you Will Receive
  • NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection Inside The Home handbook
  • Indoor shooting range lane rental
  • Targets
  • Intensive lessons on the basics of self-defense shooting skills, the legal and moral issues of self-defense decision making, and how to develop tactically sound strategies for protecting yourself and family members in your home.
Required Materials, Equipment and Supplies
  • Handgun – Students are encouraged to bring their own self-defense handgun to the course for use during the training. Students may bring a centerfire single/double-action revolver or a centerfire semi-automatic pistol to use during the course. Handguns and ammunition must remain inside your locked vehicles until needed. Handguns must be unloaded and cased when entering the building. Please DO NOT bring any live-ammunition into the classroom. Handguns may be rented from Davenport Guns ($10.00 each). Ammunition for rental handguns must be purchased from Davenport Guns. Davenport Guns normally stocks a large quality of ammunition for the most common handgun calibers, but please call ahead to ensure availability of your specific caliber.
  • At least three Magazines (semi-automatic pistols) or Speedloaders (revolvers) – Students are encouraged to bring ammunition storage devices for the handgun they are bringing to the class. Magazine and speedloader pouches or carriers are not required – this is a non-drawing from the holster course.
  • 200 cartridges of the correct ammunition (caliber and designed pressure rating) for the handgun you are bringing to the class. The ammunition must be loaded with the following approved bullet types. Full Metal Jacketed (FMJ) bullets are recommended, but hollow point bullets are permitted. Steel core and other armor-piercing bullets are strictly prohibited, as well as all high-explosive, incendiary and tracer bullets. All ammunition must be factory new ammunition stored in the original manufacturer’s packaging/box. Reloaded ammunition is strictly prohibited. Davenport Guns offers handgun ammunition for sale.
  • Eye and Ear Personal Protective Equipment (shooting glasses and ear muffs). Hearing and eye protection is available for purchase from davenport Guns.
  • Wear Appropriate Shooting Range Clothing:
    Hat: A baseball cap is recommended;
    Long pants: Blue jeans are recommended
    Close-toed shoes: Boots and tennis shoes are recommended. Footwear with high-traction (lug-type) soles are recommended.
    Crew-necked shirts
Course Prerequisites
  • A Positive Mindset – Please bring a positive attitude towards firearm safety and a willingess to actively participate in course exercises. The course is available to all adults who have the level of maturity necessary to properly perform the course activities in a safe manner. Self-defense handgun shooting is not a topic that lends itself to half-hearted participation, horseplay of any kind or careless attitudes towards firearm safety.
  • Provide Proof of Shooting Experience – This is an intermediate level handgun shooting course and course applicants must demonstrate they have the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to attend the course by producing one of the following:
     NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course completion certificate; or
    – NRA F.I.R.S.T. Steps Pistol Course completion certificate; or
    – NRA Pistol Competitive Shooting Qualification Card; or
    – U.S. Department of Defense form DD-214 with both an honorable discharge and pistol qualification award listed; or
    – Passage of a pre-course assessment – The pre-assessment must be scheduled with the instructor far in advance of the course convening date. Call (563) 424-1812 to schedule the pre-assessment (e.g., an “individual training session”). There is a $79.95 fee for the pre-assessment evaluation. The student must provide the handgun and ammunition for the pre-assessment. The student is responsible for providing the handgun and the correct ammunition for the marksmanship demonstration. The student must use the handgun the student will use during the course. Students who don’t successfully demonstrate minimum knowledge, skills and attitude will not successfully graduate the course.
Course Completion Process
  • Throughout the course the instructor will use an individual checklist for each student to ensure the coverage of all course material and the satisfactory absorption of the material.
  • Students will be given immediate feedback from the instructor during live-fire shooting exercises.
  • Students will receive a graduation certificate upon the successful completion of the learning objectives, the live-fire shooting practical exercises and a short-written examination, which will be given at the end of the course. Course graduates receive a course competition certificate, which meets the prerequisites for attending the third course in the Personal Protection series, the NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home Course.
Additional Information

Students will learn and demonstrate the fundamentals of basic self-defensive shooting skills. Additional topics of focus within the course include: establishment of a defensive mindset; strategies for developing home safety plans; how to effectively respond to a violent confrontation within the home; the laws in the State of Iowa concerning the justifiable use of deadly force; how to choose a handgun suitable for self-defense inside the home; self-defense handgun storage options; reinforcement of the life-long need for continuous handgun shooting training; and information on the abundant opportunities for shooting sports participation.

Course Info



Course Goal

To develop in the student the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding citizen’s right to self-defense and home-defense.


Course Length

This is an 8-hour course



This class fulfills the first eight hours of prior training credit required for the Illinois Concealed Carry License application.


Lesson Topics

Lesson 1 – (50 Mins. Classroom) – Introduction to Defensive Shooting

Lesson 2 – (1 Hour Classroom & 2 Hours Range) – Basic Defensive Handgun Shooting Skills

Lesson 3 – (50 Mins. Classroom) – Firearms and the Law: Possession, Ownership, and the Use of Deadly Force in the State of Iowa. This lesson is conducted by an attorney licensed to practice law within the State of Iowa who is familiar with the self-defense area of the law, or a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) who possesses an intermediate or higher Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certificate granted within the state, or an individual currently certified to instruct this lesson topic in the State of Iowa.

Lesson 4 – (50 Mins. Classroom) – Strategies for Home Safety and Responding to a Violent Confrontation Inside the Home

Lesson 5 – (30 Mins. Classroom) – Selecting a Handgun for Personal and Home Defense

Lesson 6 – (30 Mins. Classroom) – Shooting Sports Activities and Additional Training Opportunities

Lesson 7 – (1 Hour Classroom) – Course Review and Examination


Private class can be arranged for groups of 5 or more. 

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