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Shoot From the Holster Seminar

Who should attend this seminar

Pistol owners who want to learn how to safely and efficiently carry and use their firearm from a holster, and have completed one of the following:


Course Description

Our instructors will give you the basic information you need to help you choose the gear that is right for you, and skills you need to safely, responsibly, and efficiently use your gun out of a holster. 

What To Bring

Note: Everything you need to take the course is provided by Davenport Guns, all items listed are optional for this course


  • Your safe, serviceable and unloaded firearm (no ammunition in the classroom)
  • Holster
  • Belt
  • Spare magazine
  • Magazine pouch

Course Info




Course Length

2 Hours


Lesson Topics

Lesson 1 – Holster types and gear selection considerations

Lesson 2 – Safe gun-handling rules, habits and procedures

Lesson 3 – Developing a smooth, efficient draw stroke

Lesson 4 – Acquiring your target

Lesson 5 Safe, methodical re-holstering techniques designed to mitigate risk to the lowest possible level

Lesson 6 – Hands-on practical exercises with replica guns, SIRT pistols, disabled firearms, and laser training aids


Private class can be arranged for groups of 5 or more. 

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