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Course Description: 

USCCA’s “Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals” created by a woman for women who are seeking to begin, improve upon, or add to their firearms skills. With three distinct modules (Women’s Basic Pistol, Women’s Intermediate Pistol, and Women’s Defensive Pistol), this course is designed to reach students who are brand new to firearms and those who are ready to learn more about defensive shooting.

You will Receive
  • Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals Certificate of Completion
  • Women’s Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals textbook
What To Bring

Everything you need for the class is available at Davenport Guns, however if you have your own equipment everything below will be used at some point during the training.


  • Handgun
  • Extra Magazines – 1
  • Magazine Pouch – 1
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Holster
  • Range Bag
  • 100 rounds

Course Info




Lesson Topics

Lesson 1 – Basics and Fundamentals

Lesson 2 – Situational Awareness

Lesson 3 – Common Types of Handguns

Lesson 4 – Ammunition types

Lesson 5 – Malfunctions

Lesson 6 – Firearm Handling Skills

Lesson 7 – Defensive Pistol Fundamentals 

Lesson 8 – Use of Deadly Force


We can schedule a private class for groups of 5 or more!

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