Range safety waiver & orientation

A Word About Gun Safety

The most important aspect of shooting sports is safety. If you are an individual who knows little about firearms, your perception is, understandably, that firearms can be dangerous if not handled properly. Strict emphasis on safety education is essential to an enjoyable and new sporting experience.

For anyone, no matter how young or how old, who wants to learn how to shoot, understanding the rules of firearms safety is the first and most important requirement. To know and follow these rules goes hand-in-hand with practicing and developing the discipline of good shooting skills.

Whether firearms are being purchased for personal or home protection or for shooting sports participation, chances are your child may come in contact with one. A youth shooting program, even if your child decides not to continue in the shooting sports, will give your child an important safety-awareness education.

If you’re a new shooter or a seasoned veteran take a minute of your time and visit the national shooting sports safety resources pages: