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NRA’s Basics of Pistol SHOOTING

Course Description: 

The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course is designed to meet the basic handgun shooting needs of all individuals regardless of gun ownership status, previous shooting experience. This course is an excellent starting point for the new or soon-to-be handgun owners, applicants for concealed carry weapon permits or the seasoned shooter looking to become a more proficient handgun shooter. The course utilizes an objective based curriculum, which moves from the simple topics to the complex incrementally throughout the course. This course is the first course in the NRA’s Personal Protection Series of handgun shooting courses.

No live-ammunition in the classroom! – NO EXCEPTIONS –

Note: Please bring proof of purchase with you to the class.

Please wear appropriate shooting range clothing
  • Wear Long Pants: Blue jeans are recommended
  • Wear Closed-toe Shoes: Boots or tennis shoes are recommended
  • Wear Crew-Neck Shirts: Avoid low-cut tops or V-neck shirts
If bringing your own Handgun

It must be modern, clean, lubricated and serviceable in all respects. All handguns will be subjected to a safe-to-fire inspection by the course instructor prior to use in this course.

Note: All handguns must be unloaded, actions open and cased prior to entering the facility.

(100) Cartridges

100 carts of the correct ammunition for the handgun to be used during the course – correct caliber and pressure rating. All ammunition must be in the original manufacturing packaging/box (NO hand re-loaded ammunition). Although students are encouraged to bring their own ammunition, Davenport Guns does offers handgun ammunition for sale (approximately $15.00/box of 50 cartridges).

Note: Those renting a handgun must purchase ammunition from Davenport Guns.

(1 set) Eye and Hearing Protection

Although students are encouraged to bring their own personal protective equipment, Davenport Guns does offers eye and ear protection for sale.

Note: This course is a pre-requisite for all other courses in the NRA Personal Protection Series. This course also satisfies the 8 hours of prior firearms safety training required for the Illinois Concealed Firearms License application.

Classes must be purchased individually for each student, as certificates of completion will be issued in each person’s name. When more than one student will be attending please purchase each class in a separate transaction .

Course Info



Course Goal

To teach students the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning, using and caring for a handgun safely


Course Length

8 hours (minimum length), this course is presented in ONE session during summer months. Saturday from 8am to 5pm



Please bring a positive attitude toward learning, firearm safety and a willingness to participate in course exercises. 


Lesson Topics

Lesson 1 – Handgun Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling

Lesson 2 – Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamentals of Handgun Shooting

Lesson 3 – Various Shooting Positions and Handgun Shooting Qualification Exercise

Lesson 4 – Scoring Targets, Selecting a Handgun for Purchase and How to Maintain, Inspect and Clean a Handgun

Lesson 5 – Opportunities for Continuing Education, Training and Skill Development


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