Frequently asked questions

Q: What if I have never shot before?
A: If you are new to shooting, we recommend a one-on-one personal training session before you shoot. It is the best way to familiarize yourself with the firearm culture, range etiquette and the many options available to get you started on your journey.  Click here to learn more: New Shooter
Q: I’m a first-time visitor. What is required, and what can I expect?
A: You will be required to fill out our waiver and take a safety quiz and then be given our hourly membership, no fee required. You’ll be given an hourly membership paper card that you will bring in next time you come to the range so you don’t have to fill in paperwork again. You will then sign in, pay range fees and may then make ammo, firearm rental, or target purchases too if needed. And then be shown back to the range. If you have any questions, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to answer you.
Q: Who can shoot?
A: Anyone over 21 may shoot without parent or guardian supervision. Anyone under 21 must have their parent/guardian sign a waiver.
Q: Are we open to the public?
A: Yes. Our range is open to the public and available for private groups.
Q: Do I need my own gun to shoot on the range?
A: Nope! We offer rentals and ammo.
Q: If I am from a different state or country can I still shoot at Davenport Guns?
A: Of course!
Q: Am I allowed to use my own firearm on the range?

A: Of course! Any pistol caliber handgun or rifle. .22/.45 caliber.

Q: Can I use my own ammo?

A: Yes, unless one of our guns is rented, then our ammo must be purchased.

Q: Can I shoot shotguns and rifles at the range?

A: No. Only pistol caliber rifles are allows on the range, .22 cal through .45 cal.

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Shirt and shoes are required. No open toed shoes if shooting full auto please. And it is recommended that long sleeves be worn as well when shooting full auto. Please bring your own eye and ear protection (they are available for purchase at the store). Normal prescription and reading glasses count as eye protection. Ear protection plugs are provided for children.
Q: How long are the shooting lanes at the range?
A: 50ft. Minimum to shoot is the 7 yard line.
Q: Can i shoot full auto at the range?
A: Yes! We now offer shooting full auto at our range. We do require that you purchase our ammo through us.