Course Description: 

Permit to carry courses offer a very basic, surface-level body of information regarding the legal, ethical and moral use of force. In order to understand when you are justified to use force, and what level of force you are justified to use, you need state-specific, detailed information on use of force law and surrounding concepts.

You carry a gun so that you can prevent a violent criminal from taking you away from your family, the criminal justice system can deprive your family of your continued support just as readily. In order to be an effective, responsible armed citizen, you must have a robust understanding of the complexities of use of force law and how it is applied to real people, in real life.

This 5-hour course is a deep-dive into the elements of legal self defense as they apply to Illinois law, includes video analyses of real use of force encounters, examples, scenarios, and more. The instructor holds multiple certifications and teaching credentials for coursework covering use of force including The Law of Self Defense Instructor Program, The Complete Combatant, Rangemaster, USCCA and NRA.

Attendees of the course will receive a free copy of Law of Self Defense Principles by Attorney Andrew Branca, a $24.95 value!



What does this course cover?
  • Sources of law in the state of Illinois
  • The elements of legal self defense
  • Video analysis and case study of use of force incidents
  • Reality-based use of force simulations
  • Realistic defensive strategies to mitigate the risk of negative legal outcomes
What To Bring
  • Pen and Paper

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Course Length

5 Hours

Course Goal

Understanding Illinois law to keep your family safe and yourself out of legal trouble.



There are no prerequisites for this course.  


Private class can be arranged for groups of 5 or more. 

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This class is for educational purposes only; it is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, contact an attorney that is licensed to practice in the relevant jurisdiction.