Deluxe Shooting Experience


The Deluxe Shooter Package is an excellent way to save money for a day at the range. It includes the following items:

1 Shooting Lane Rental

2nd Shooter, bring a friend!

1 Rental Gun

2 boxes of ammo (9mm, caliber can be exchanged when you arrive at the range. .38spl, .357, 40 & 45 caliber firearms are more expensive to shoot.)

2 Targets

Note: Per the manufacturers, customers must use Davenport Guns ammunition with all rental guns. No exceptions.

Note: You must show the sales rep your email receipt (can be either a print-out or on your mobile device). The Deluxe Shooting Package can also be purchased in the store. It includes a gun rental, which you can choose from our fleet of more than 50 pistols, revolvers and rifles. You can swap out guns as many times as you like without paying extra. You even get free ammo and targets!