Course Description: 

Enjoy some breakfast on us, and build your handgun skills at the DG Breakfast Club. Instructor led discussion, skill building, drills, tests, and standards for beginners to advanced shooters. This event can be used for USCCA Protector Academy qualification requirements.


What to bring

Note: We have everything you need to train for sale or rent in the pro shop, but you are welcome to bring your own safe and serviceable gear.

  • Handgun
  • 100+/- rounds of ammunition
  • At least one spare magazine, speed loader, or speed strip (more is better)
  • Gunbelt (optional)
  • Holster (optional)*
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Safe range clothing (closed-toed shoes, crew neck shirt, hat or visor to deflect brass away from the face)

*Blackhawk SERPA Holsters and other similar holsters that use a retention device that is operated by the index finger of the shooting hand are banned from use in any class that involves the firing of live ammunition at Davenport Guns. A holster should completely cover the trigger guard of the firearm with rigid material. Unsafe or unserviceable holsters will not be allowed for use in shooting classes.


Course Info


$20 For Guests

FREE for Elite Members

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