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Intro to Defensive Knife

Course Description: 

Do you carry a knife for self-defense? Can you deploy it and use it effectively to stop a threat? Most people don’t think past having a knife in their pocket. Others believe that a knife fight is going to play out like something they saw on TV. It’s more than that…

This course will present the basic skills necessary to use a knife in a defensive situation. Students will learn simple and effective movements that are easy to learn, retain, and adapt. Topics covered will include (but are not limited to): Blade differences and selection, carry positions, deployment techniques, and the overall fundamentals of using a knife in a self-defense scenario.

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Class Date

May 21, 2021

what to bring
  • Pen & paper
  • Sensible clothing and footwear for low impact athletic movement
Instructor Bio

Shane Hoadley is a personal defense instructor with certified skills for firearm, knife, and basic hand to hand training. Over his years of teaching, Shane has never stopped learning. His defensive mindset keeps him looking for ways to improve his own protection and the knowledge that he shares with students. Shane is currently a student of Haganah, a fighting system designed by Israeli Commandos. Haganah teaches defense against unarmed attacks and defense against gun and knife attacks. 

Some of Shane’s accomplishments include:

  • US Army Infantry – Small arms instructor/range operator
  • USCCA – Certified firearms instructor, concealed carry and home defense, defensive shooting fundamentals
  • I.C.E. Training Company – Defensive firearms coach, intuitive defensive shooting
  • Independent Security Advisers – Dignitary protection specialist
  • Martial Blade Concepts (Spartan Tactical Training Group) – Defensive knife
  • Greybeard Actual (Matthew Little) – Pistol skill development
  • Liberty Defense Company (Pat Golden) – Dynamic combat/self-defense